Nicklaus Children's Heart Program

Nicklaus Children's Heart Program

Giving Young Hearts Another Chance to Beat

You might hear about how our surgeons perform life-saving operations and innovate new procedures for children whose parents trust the skill and feel the compassion of these dedicated experts. And you might hear about how we are hastening the detection of deadly heart defects and providing groundbreaking treatments and therapies that defy the odds and rejuvenate lives.

Yes, we have the highest survival rates and the best clinical outcomes in the region, but that’s what you’d expect from a Heart Program ranked as one of the best in the nation. That’s not the only reason parents choose to entrust their children to us.

What you don’t hear about as much is all the little things that really count. How we help your child cope with life before and after surgery, how we support the family throughout their child’s recovery. How we empower your child to embrace life’s challenges and reach for every opportunity. 

That’s why it’s called The Heart Program. For us, a successful outcome is not simply being discharged from the hospital as an infant – it’s graduating from college and embarking on a life full of promise and ambition, reaching all the milestones along the way. Our program doesn’t just focus on mending the heart, but on supporting the whole child in sickness and in health. From screening and prevention to safe exercise and healthy weight programs – it’s a life-long, holistic and planned approach to the care of a child living with heart disease. It’s about a team of more than 200 specialists, nurses, technicians, therapists, and caregivers – whose unwavering commitment will give your child the best chance in health, throughout life’s journey. It’s a program of devotion, support, education and advocacy until your child transitions into adulthood, as healthy as they can be.

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